Lenn Ambanta, Owner

Born in Hawaii and trained through Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  Began a mobile dance troop and choreographed numbers performed for local shows.  Lenn has been in the dancing profession since 1972 and is a registered member of the National Dance Counsel of America (NDCA).

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Cindy & Ashlenn Ambanta


  • DCB is located at 800 Miami Circle, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • ​DCB provides gift certificatesupon request.  Contact Lenn Ambanta at 404.312.0133 ph.
  • DCB honors USABDAdiscount.
  • DCB private lessons are one FULLhour.
  • DCB hosts their monthly dance, including a FREE group class, every 4th Saturday - $12 per person - See Calendar.
  • DCB offers dance instruction in all four styles of dancing, Rhythm, Latin, Ballroom and International Standard.
  • DCB offers private lessons, wedding choreography and dance exhibitions.
  • ​DCB provides dance instruction at private parties and dj's.  Contact Lenn Ambanta at 404.312.0133 ph., or info@dancecityballroom.com.
  • DCB has an outstanding variety of music selection and a romantic ambiance.
  • DCB provides a friendly, fair, and creative environment for those associated with our award-winning Studio.

Lenn Ambanta, Owner